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Farm Credit of the Virginias

On-Demand Learning


Your link to on-demand learning portals covering a wide range of agricultural topics.

We understand that farming happens! 这就是为什么大发平台app下载安装开发了一个按需学习资源,这样你就可以获得你需要的信息, when you need it.

With just a few easy steps, 您可以通过访问多个学习门户开始您的学习之旅,在那里您将发现:

Educational Webinars  | Templates and Worksheets

Resource Guides  |  Infographics  |  Additional Resources

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Browse available learning portals:

Basics of Agricultural Advocacy

宣传的目标是提供关于农业的信息,以便其他人能够做出明智的决定.  But how does one accomplish this and do so effectively?  大发平台app下载安装的“农业倡导基础”门户网站将为您提供建立您的故事所需的工具,以及有效地将其传达给他人的步骤. This portal will give you access to:
  • Educational videos from a line-up of experienced advocates
  • Quick Start guide so you can establish your story
  • Access to additional resources on the topic
这个教育门户将为您提供成为有效的农业倡导者所需的一切,适合教育工作者和学生, consumers, producers and anyone interested in sharing the story of agriculture.

Legislative AGvocacy

Being a voice for agriculture is more important than ever, and so is learning how to do this effectively. 本门户将为您提供有效传播农业故事所需的技能和知识. Your voice matters! You will obtain information on how to communicate your personal ag story, the importance of ag-vocating, how to connect with legislators to become their go-to ag expert, lobbying basics and more! This portal contains:
  • Multiple educational videos from local and state recognized speakers
  • Access to additional resources to help get you connected
This portal is PERFECT for those involved or interested in:
  • Establishing or maintaining relationships with legislators
  • Learning how to put their operation/farm’s best foot forward
  • Advocating for the industry and learning how and where to share their story

Advocating for Agriculture on Social Media

To post or not to post...This is often a question we ask of ourselves before we hit the share button.  But how do we know if what we are about to share is what we should be sharing?  这个门户网站深入挖掘困境的底部,为你提供一个你能感到自信的社交媒体策略. This portal contains:
  • Educational videos from a line-up of experts in social media sharing and engagement covering:
    • Why you should tell your agriculture story online
    • Social transparency
    • Agriculture picture taking for social media
    • and more!
  • Access to additional resources on the topic 
这个门户网站将让你更深入地了解如何在社交媒体上倡导农业,这样你就可以有信心分享你和其他人的故事.  This portal is appropriate for producers, educators and students, consumers and anyone interested in sharing the story of agriculture.

Writing a Business Plan

One of the most, if not the most important thing for any agriculture producer is a business plan.  Business plans are roadmaps for success;  They define the business, it's mission and goals.  Business planning can seem like a huge undertaking.  But it doesn't have to be.  知识中心汇编了有价值的资源来帮助您完成这个过程.  This portal contains:
  • An educational video offering explanations to the sections of a full business plan
  • A One-Page Business plan for those needing to take a step back
  • Templates and SWOT analysis worksheet
  • Access to additional resources on the topic
该门户将为您提供开发完整的书面商业计划所需的一切, 或者一份完整的一页商业计划,适合生产者和农业综合企业.  Educators of agriculture may also find this portal valuable.

QuickBooks for Agriculture

你是否考虑过使用QuickBooks在线操作,但不知道从哪里开始? 这个由3部分组成的系列课程将回答许多关于在农业中使用软件的问题. This portal contains:
  • Recorded lessons instructing the use of the online version of QuickBooks for agricultural operations
  • Video of QuickBooks reminders, tips and things to consider

Excel for Agriculture

Technology has become a part of every day life, even in agriculture. 请求访问,了解更多关于如何使该技术为您的农业经营工作. This portal will cover the use of Excel to:
  • Maintain a Balance Sheet
  • Complete a Crop and Feed Inventory
  • and will walk you through a Beef Cash Flow Analysis
该门户网站将为您提供每个电子样本的访问权限,以便您在家中用于自己的农场业务! This portal, which is designed for all producers and operations, is taught by Robert Goodling, Extension Associate with Penn State Extension. Prerequisite: Users will need a basic working knowledge of Excel for this course. If you would like to brush up on, or learn, some Excel basics, Excel有一系列针对Windows的Excel培训模块,将指导你如何使用这个程序.

Beef Risk Management

Do you want to learn more about how to manage and mitigate risk in the beef industry?  听一组专家讨论可以使用的方法,包括医疗保健的主题, nutrition, LRP and Futures and Options. This portal contains:
  • Educational videos from an expert panel of speakers
  • Access to additional resources on the topic

Beekeeping Basics

Interested in beekeeping and don't know where to start?  从养蜂的基本知识和你需要开始的一般概述开始.  This portal features beekeeper, Eric Grandon, from Sugar Bottom Farm in West Virginia.  请听埃里克为您讲解养蜂的各个方面,并查看实时蜂房检查以了解养蜂活动.  This portal contains:
  • Educational video by beekeeper Eric Grandon
  • Beekeeping Resource Guide with links to get you connected
  • Access to additional resources to provide you with reliable information on beekeeping
该门户将为您提供养蜂概述,以及入门所需的内容, and is appropriate for educators and students, consumers, producers, backyard beekeepers and small farms.

Agritourism: Considerations for Success

Are you considering Agritourism as part of your agricultural operation? 花点时间做一些调查和信息收集,这样你就能有一个好的开始.  The agritourism portal contains:
  • Two educational videos from experts on the topic
  • Access to multiple relevant resources
This portal will provide you with a thorough overview of agritourism,  overview and insight of business development and operations, marketing, where to look for help and additional resources.  This portal is appropriate for producers and agribusinesses.  Educators of agriculture may also find this portal valuable.

Marketing Strategies

Are you currently developing your agriculture marketing strategy or revamping an old one?  该门户将为您提供最适合您的企业的营销策略的概述.  This portal contains:
  • Educational videos from experts in the field of marketing and communications
  • Access to a guidebook on marketing strategies which includes stories from farmers and ranchers that use them
  • Link to marketing resources covering multiple topics:
    • Wholesale and direct marketing
    • Value-added
    • Fruit, vegetable and livestock products

A Focus on Well-Being

大发平台app下载安装意识到与农业有关的压力因素,其中一些是大发平台app下载安装无法控制的.  Farmers deal with weather, fluctuating market prices, production and a multitude of unwitnessed challenges. This portal offers you an assortment of valuable resources to provide support.
  • An educational video covering farm stress in agriculture
  • Access to Farm Credit's Rural Resilience training
  • Access to multiple relevant materials
该门户提供了多种资源,提供教育和支持,重点关注从事农业行业的个人的福祉.  This portal is appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about the topic.

Farm Safety for Youth

Approximately 1.5 million children under the age of 20 live, work, or have a regular presence on farms in the United States ( We realize the importance of keeping those youth safe in their agricultural settings. Utilize resources to develop practices for on-the-farm safety. This portal offers 
  • An educational video covering youth farm safety
  • Informational charts listing:
    • Age characteristics
    • Key farm dangers
    • Appropriate rules
    • Supervision suggestions
  • Access to multiple relevant resources
该门户提供多种资源,提供教育和支持,重点关注从事农业行业的青年的安全.  This portal is appropriate for anyone interested in learning more about the topic.

Christmas Trees for Producers and Consumers

Christmas Tree Production Are you considering growing Christmas trees as part of your operation?  We have compiled resources to help you in your research.  This portal contains a section for producers:
  • Video interview with a producer
  • Extension articles
  • Production manual
'Tis the season for Christmas tree selection! 在出发去挑选完美的圣诞树之前,在你出发之前准备好你需要知道的东西.  This portal contains a section for consumers:
  • Educational videos with tips and tricks
  • Blog articles
  • Additional resources
  • Shareable infographics

Important Notice and Disclaimer

这些材料仅供教育和信息之用,不构成法律咨询, financial advice, tax advice, or investment advice on any matter. These materials may not be current and up-to-date. 您不应根据这些材料或其包含的信息采取行动或不采取行动,而不应寻求在您管辖范围内持牌的律师或其他适当专业人士的法律建议. Farm Credit of the Virginias, ACA明确拒绝对依赖这些材料或这些材料中包含的任何信息而采取或做出的所有行为和遗漏承担任何责任.